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  • Who Is Liable for a Commercial Truck Accident?

    Commercial trucking accidents account for thousands of injuries every year in the U.S. In order to file a claim and pursue compensation, a thorough investigation is necessary to determine who caused the crash. Our firm has handle numerous truck accident cases, and will guide you through the process as you seek justice from those responsible. Liability for a commercial trucking accident may fall on ...
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  • Common Causes of Truck Accidents

    Truck accidents occur quite often, and they are so often devastating for all involved. Not only do they result in severe injury and physical damages to any vehicles, they are also especially traumatic in the emotional sense. It is no surprise the sheer size, weight, and power of a truck create an opportunity for catastrophic consequences. This is why it is vital, in case of a truck accident, you ...
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  • Truck Accidents from Failure to Maintain

    In order to ensure the safest possible operation of a large and potentially dangerous commercial truck, trucking companies have a duty to ensure that their trucks are consistently maintained. However, because this can add up and create a serious expense for owners every year, this duty could be pushed aside temporarily. Many truck owners or operators believe that excessive maintenance is ...
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  • Common Types of Truck Accidents

    Truck accidents are extremely dangerous. Trucks weigh much more than your average car, bus, or motorcycle, and thus carry a lot of momentum as they travel, meaning they’re more difficult to stop and cause a substantial amount of extra damage when they collide with an obstacle. Additionally, because they are so large, trucks tend to become involved in accidents in ways cars or other vehicles ...
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  • Am I Eligible to File For Insurance Bad Faith?

    Insurance companies have many duties to their policyholders, but probably the most obvious one would be to adhere to the terms of the policies they sell. In order to do so, they must follow their protocol, which includes investigating the incident that resulted in the loss or injuries, determine the amount that is covered, and then pay for that value. Additionally, they must do all of this within ...
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  • Truck Accidents: What You Need to Know

    Every year, thousands of injuries and fatalities are caused by truck accidents. Due to their sheer size and weight, these massive vehicles pose major dangers on the highway. There are many important steps to take after a truck accident, but one of the most important is retaining a skilled truck accident lawyer. Truck Accident Statistics 1.1 million interstate trucks were operating by the end of ...
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