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  • Can You Sue if You are Assaulted on Private Property?

    All property owners and managers have a legal obligation to ensure their properties are safe and properly maintained, which includes providing adequate security. As such, if you were assaulted while on private property, such as a university campus or a bus stop, you might have a valid premises liability case against the property owner or manager and a chance at obtaining just compensation for any ...
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  • Who is Liable if Someone Breaks Into My Gated Community?

    Most people choose to live in gated communities for added privacy and protection. Many gated communities have security guards on staff and gated entrances that make intrusion difficult, but not impossible. So, if those promises of protection are broken and an intruder enters your property, do you know your legal rights? Crime in a gated community can occur just as it would in any neighborhood. ...
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  • 5 Ways to Injury Proof Your Home Pool

    In our recent blog, we discussed some of the most common pool injuries that can result from various risks and hazards – hazards which are certainly present at residential pools. Whether you have a pool at a home you rent or own, it is important to remember that you play a large role in ensuring that you, your family, and any visitors and guests are kept safe by reducing risks. When left ...
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  • 4 Common Swimming Pool Injuries

    As things heat up and head into summer, residents throughout Corpus Christi are sure to enjoy some pool time. Whether you and your family choose to cool off at residential pool at a home you own or rent, a private or community pool, a friend’s pool, or even a local water park, it is important to remember that swimming pools pose a number of potential risks and hazards. Unfortunately, as the U.S. ...
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  • The Elements of a Premises Liability Case

    A premises liability case arises when an individual who sustains injuries on another individual’s property due to a dangerous condition on the property files a personal injury lawsuit against the owner or caretaker of the property. Because each property owner or caretaker has the responsibility to ensure that the property is reasonably safe, he or she can be held liable for the damages a guest ...
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  • Am I Eligible to File For Insurance Bad Faith?

    Insurance companies have many duties to their policyholders, but probably the most obvious one would be to adhere to the terms of the policies they sell. In order to do so, they must follow their protocol, which includes investigating the incident that resulted in the loss or injuries, determine the amount that is covered, and then pay for that value. Additionally, they must do all of this within ...
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  • Is My Swimming Pool Safe for Summer?

    With the rising temperatures of summer, many Americans will opt to beat the heat by heading to their local swimming pool for a refreshing dip. Whether this is in their own backyard, a local community pool, or a city public facility, swimming pools are usually easily accessible, frequently visited, and also carry a certain level of risk that must be taken seriously. All swimming pools carry danger ...
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