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  • What Makes a Case a Mass Tort?

    A tort is a civil wrong committed by a third party that results in the injury of a person. The third party who commits the tort, whether it involves a car accident or a slip and fall, is legally responsible for the harm suffered by the victim, and if the victim sues, they can possibly recover damages for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. However, when there are many victims, that’s ...
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  • Breach of Contract: Should I Involve an Attorney?

    A breach of contract is a simple concept: one of two or more parties fails to fulfill their contractual obligations after agreeing to mutual terms. What’s not so simple is what steps to take next. If you’re embroiled in a battle over a breach of contract, it’s important you hire an experienced commercial litigation attorney. Depending on the specifics of the contract, a breach can be when one ...
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