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Breach of Contract: Should I Involve an Attorney?

A breach of contract is a simple concept: one of two or more parties fails to fulfill their contractual obligations after agreeing to mutual terms. What’s not so simple is what steps to take next. If you’re embroiled in a battle over a breach of contract, it’s important you hire an experienced commercial litigation attorney.

Depending on the specifics of the contract, a breach can be when one party fails to perform on time, does not pay the other party, or does not perform in accordance with the terms of the agreement. Usually, a breach of contract will be categorized as “material” or “immaterial,” which is needed to determine the appropriate legal solution.

When a breach of contract occurs, you may wish to have the contract enforced or you may try to recover compensation for financial harm caused by the breach. If a dispute arises and attempts to fix it fail, your next step is to file a lawsuit with the help of an attorney. You can also involve a mediator to review a contract dispute as an alternative to court.

If the lawsuit proceeds, you’ll need to establish that the contract existed, the contract was broken, you lost money and that the defendant was responsible. While these disputes are very common, they can get complex when language in the contract is vague, contracts are strictly verbal or there are oversights. If you’re taking on a corporation with an expensive legal team, it’s important that you hire an attorney that can help you recover the compensatory, punitive, nominal, and liquidated damages you deserve.

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